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     With a nod and a wink to the legendary Morgan three-wheelers of the 1930's, designer & motoring enthusiast Pete Larsen created the ACE Cycle-Car to evoke the romance and panache of a bygone era.

Despite it's vintage appearance, the ACE is a serious sport vehicle delivering modern performance, handling and reliability.  Weighing barely 1000#'s and powered by the latest Harley-DavidsonŽ Twin-CamŽ 'B' engine (100 + HP), the ACE features a 5-speed (w/reverse) automotive transmission, rally clutch, unequal length 'A' arm front suspension and triple disc brakes.  With it's low weight, low center of gravity and favorable power/weight ration, the ACE is capable of 120 mph and zero to sixty times to embarrass many larger sports cars.

The ACE drives like a race-car and is at it's best effortlessly carving the most diabolically twisted roads.  Conversely, the ACE is quite content to idle down a rural lane,  it's Harley engine mumbling to itself as driver and passenger absorb the sights and smells of the countryside.  When you are behind the wheel, you are the ACE!

The Ace is hand-built to order in the shops of Liberty Motors.  A small number of cars will be build each year and with nearly unlimited combinations of colors and finishes, each ACE will be the unique result of a collaboration between Pete and the individual buyer.