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Audience Reaction

    Of course ACE is more than simply a vehicle - it is a piece of kinetic sculpture, it's theater, it's a statement, an attitude. So what do people think? All this time I believed that the appeal of the ACE would be to middle-aged male motor heads (like me!) but now I am finding I was wrong. A broad cross-section of folks respond to the ACE: parked in a ferry queue. I returned to find the ACE surrounded by a bevy of elderly gray and white haired women transfixed by the thing. Short-haired young 'tuner car' drivers yell out "that's sick"..."that's awesome"! The jaded older AM-PM mini-mart clerk leaving her post to cross the parking lot to inspect the ACE. The beer-gut biker at the rest stop: "I'm buyin' me one of them"! The many flag-men on the road projects (thumbs up!). The semi drivers who gave me a toot of the horn. The droves of oncoming Harley riders who recognize the ACE's engine and give the "V" sign. The motor cop who jumped in the road and halted me just to look at the ACE. The attractive 30 something woman who suggested "that should be good for a few dates". The dozens of drivers and passengers in 'bar-o-soap' cars and SUV's who aim their cell phones and digital cameras (at freeway speeds!) and snap an image or two of the ACE as it passes.