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History of the Cycle Car....

     A British invention intended to beat the road tax and provide inexpensive transportation, the cycle-car (or 'trike' as the Brits term it) consisted of two steered wheels ahead with a driven rear wheel. Cycle-cars were typically powered by narrow angle, long stroke v-twins borrowed from motorcycles of the day, principally J.A.P. & Matchless. Several manufacturers built Cycle-cars between the teens and early fifties - most notable was the Morgan three wheeler.

Sepia Photo - 1933 Morgan/JAP Super Sports

History of the ACE Cycle Car...

     After frustrating attempts to import a British built, Moto Guzzi powered cycle-car kit, I decided to use my knowledge of vehicle design and manufacturing to create an Americanized version of the classic cycle-car. This would be inspired by a 1930's Morgan Super Sport but powered by a Harley-Davidson engine and modern running gear. This seemed to dovetail nicely with our production of the Liberty Sidecar for Harley's. This project is called American Cycle-car Endeavor: ACE