Benefits of Bluetooth GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) is becoming a prevalent part of our lives that allows people to know their vicinity in a matter of minutes or lets them navigate their way to a location far away that they hardly know about.

GPS is a global navigation satellite system made up of around 30 satellites that orbit around the Earth.

With the development in science and technology, the complex system has been produced in simpler forms, allowing access to a common individual through devices such as a Bluetooth GPS.

A Bluetooth GPS device has several benefits that are enjoyed by its users.

1. Wireless Connectivity A Bluetooth GPS receiver works by connecting it to a mobile device – such as smartphones, laptops, or PDAs – that offers to connect with the Bluetooth technology. These devices exchange data through an open protocol using electromagnetic radio waves over a limited area. These Bluetooth devices are wireless, unlike serial or USB connections that require physical attachment between the computer and the GPS device.

Moreover, the use of radio waves in Bluetooth expands its range of connectivity and, unlike infrared connectivity, does not require a strict line of sight to maintain a connection due to the longer wavelength of radio waves.

2. Increased Precision The GPS software in smartphones has acquired great fame due to its easy accessibility, but the GPS in these devices is developed for speed rather than accuracy. In other words, these devices are supposed to get a fix instantly on locations, while the accuracy of those fixes is of secondary importance. Bluetooth devices and other external GPS devices are made for precision in their fixes. By connecting them to other devices, the precision of locations is boosted to a higher degree.

3. Increased Battery Life The GPS in common phones is well-known for consuming a high amount of energy. The reason is that getting multiple signals from multiple GPS satellites and to process all these signals on one device can be a hefty task. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth GPS devices require a relatively small amount of energy from the phones to maintain a connection, while all the processing work is taken over by the Bluetooth device that runs on its separate reserves of energy.

This dramatically reduces the battery consumption of the phone or computer that the GPS device is connected to, providing it a better and longer life for outdoor use.

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